A brief statement about Mr. Georges Afif Bou-Jaoude 

Founder of www.3ekaret.com <> www.gabliquidations.com

       This name has become a synonym for real estate investment in Mount Lebanon prissily and generally covers most of Lebanon. Taking into consideration the great role that this organization has played as a result of the wide range of Real Estate Experience that its founder, Mr. George Afif Boujaoude, has gained for many years as a trustworthy expert in Real Estate Investment, due to the official references and many awards he earned in the Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in the “Real Estate Evaluation”, also, due to the complete cooperation of this organization with a whole team of specialized parties in real estate investigative work, legal affairs, in addition Mr. George Afif Boujaoude, have since 1994 assisted FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) engineering team, in assessing earthquake related damages to the structural integrity of over 300+ separate structures and 10+ high rise structures, which resulted in saving lives and personal property, by posting Green~Yellow~Red colored tags identifying the risks factor in each structure, for the safety of the residents and the public in general.   
      The real estate information at www.3ekaret.com & www.gabliquidations.com covers most of Mount Lebanon areas. It is considered one of the most informative references, in real estate and for real-estate brokers. Furthermore, it became reference and guarantee for investors and all concerned due to the trust and the transparency in work and price planning. Moreover the total coverage by the company to collect real estate and marketing data into files, maps, layouts and a huge date for pictures of properties, residential, commercial and industrial, as well as the Villas and luxury castles, provide the investors the necessary information about the real estate status at financial and legal levels.

Mr. George Afif Boujaoude, through www.3ekaret.com & www.gabliquidations.com owns a set of rare and carefully chosen real estate offers in Bsalim, Antelias, Jal Ed Dib, Mezher, Jdaydeh, Dbayeh, Jounieh, Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh, as well as deals in different areas of the Al Maten, that is signified for its location, view and the nature of the land and the classy surrounding at a very provoking price that sometimes would reach to 25% less its current real price and forms a very important opportunity to invest in real estate. All investors who wish to buy a real estate either for personal need or just for investment & recruiting will benefit from this opportunity.

We at www.3ekaret.com & www.gabliquidations.com welcome you business and look forward to be of service.


Saint Antonio Street, Abdo Al Choufani Building,

Terrace Leval, Adonis/Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwen Area, Mount Lebanon.
Jounieh Main Office Tel/Fax +961-09-22590 <> George Afif Boujaoude, Mobile +961-03-641906

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This 6-meter by 5-meter GAZEBO project was completed with-in 10-days from date of order, can accommodate up to 30 persons and come fitted with the following.

1-- Wireless WIFI ready 2-- Large 40" LED TV  3--Cable & Receiver  4--BBQ, Sink, Hot-water 50 liter, Fire wood box unit, lots of shelves, water dispenser, Surround System, High end furniture as seen above. 

This unit would cost $19,000.00

We will deliver it to our valued clients for $8,000.00 

That's a saving of over 50% off the normal value. Take advantage of this offer and put one on your terrace, garden, rooftop, yard etc. this year make 2017 a year filled with lots of fun and party gazebo for the whole family to enjoy. 


​Prefabricated Homes Builders in



10 YEARS Maintenance-Free

As a well respected General Building Contractor and a member of the Hollywood Police Support Association since 1988. He volunteered his workforce and his equipment to assist the Federal Emergency Management of Los Angeles. Mr. Georges Afif Boujaoude was given the task to renovate the 800 square meter medical facility and did so to total surprise of the City.

1992 during the civil unrest in Los Angeles after the Rodney King beating by 4-police officers. Georges Afif Boujaoude was in charge of the demolition and re-built this Hollywood Blvd., and Wilcox Ave., shopping-mall.

Interviewed by CNN & a number of TV news cast for his dedicated civic services to the fourth council district of Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills to East Hollywood,